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Welcome to Lark Illustration!
I am a Designer who loves to create new patterns and surface designs for all sorts of products ranging from Fabrics to Wallpapers,  Stationary to Fashion.  My unique and eyecatching designs,  repeat patterns and illustrations are customized to the wishes of clients and needs of the industry.

What I Offer:

Unique Pattern design to meet your individual requirements.  Whether its developing one key design or  a collection of patterns.

Illustration: for Own Brand Goods/White Labels in Museum Shops, Packaging, Book Covers, Art Prints, Publications and  Brochures.

Textile Design for a whole host of fabrics and products: from Fashion to Interiors.

Custom Rapport Patterns in your Color palettes ready for industrial printing and production.

New!  Chic Lampshades

New in collection:
Handmade Lampshades in 20 cm, 30cm diameter. The Lampshades are digitally printed with bright and individual designs exclusive to Lark Illustration on a linen/cotton fabric and are made on demand. 

Lark Illustration Wallpaper Handfans

Take a peek at my collection of Wallpapers at Gaedke-Tapeten

Lark Illustration Fabric Design Flowers

Textile Designs for Interior Textiles and Fashion

Illustrations for Books, Magazines and Art Posters.

Lark Illustration Porcelain Geschirr Hand Drawn Design

Design for Tableware and Ceramics

Lark Illustration Hand Drawn Fabric Designs Flowers Hibiscus

A variety of new Fabric Designs are available at::

Lark Illustration unique Illustration Commission Auftragsarbeit

Commissions for Illustrations for publications and prints.

Lark Illustration Sketch Book Instagram Creative

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Lark Illustration Beautiful Unique Silk Scarves Etsy Shop
Lark Illustration unique individual wallpaper design Interiors
Lark Illustration Beautiful Unique Art Prints Etsy
Lark Illustration Beautiful Decorative Hand Designed Tea Towels Etsy
Beautiful Unique Eyecatching Design Notebooks
Individual Fresh Spring Wallpaper Design Lark-Illustration

New Design Products such as Silk Scarves, Notebooks, Art Prints and Tea Towels are available at my online shop Etsy

Unique Beautiful Designed Softcover Notebooks
Tea Towel Unique Designs Lark Illustration
Eye catching unique Tea Towel Designs Lark Illustration
Beautiful Silk Scarf Unique Designs Individual